Employee Benefits and Group Health

Tailored Medical Solutions for Employees

Employee Benefits and Group Health

Every business owner knows that their employees are the greatest asset. What many business owners forget is how to create a comprehensive employee benefits package to attract and retain top talent. An employee benefits package may not be complete without exploring options to secure the health and well-being of your team.

Generally, group health insurance plans cover the cost of medical office visits, hospitalization, emergency room services, ambulance transportation, operations, physical therapy, and can include prescription drug expenses. Every plan is different, and business owners can tailor it to their employees’ and business’ preferences.

Why Should Your Small Business Offer Benefits?

Employees rely on the workplace for their personal insurance needs. By including the supplement coverage within a benefits package, business owners can unknowingly increase employee productivity and retention, as well as lowering the cost of healthcare claims.

Benefits to Include in Your Package

Health insurance coverage protects against the risk of medical expenses. While there are many different policies out there, the two most popular programs are health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and (preferred provider organizations) PPOs.
Eyesight plays such a significant role in one’s job that many people wonder why maintenance is not part of a traditional health plan. With the increased use of computers and devices in the workplace, staying on top of eye health is important for the physical well-being of each employee.
Supplying dental insurance means that employees will save costs when visiting the dentist, as well as encouraging individuals to visit the dentist regularly for good oral care. Dental check-ups might reveal results that can affect a person’s overall health.
Designed to protect employees’ families in the event of a death, this coverage is a must-have. It is an inexpensive coverage that provides peace of mind as well as indispensable protection.
Issues arise when an employee faces an injury, illness or accident, and is out of work for a period of time. To satisfy work demands and take care of disabled employees, long-term disability insurance or short-term disability insurance can step up to help pay a part of the employee’s salary.

Discussing your business’s and employee’s needs with Health & Integrative Insurance Solutions, Inc can help to determine what combination of these benefits are best for your business.

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